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YouTube: The Overlooked Social Media Marketing Tool

When someone mentions social media, what do you think of? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn? YouTube is also considered a social media outlet that has billions of regular users worldwide. Why not use this vehicle to reach your visual audience online? Compelling videos can give your business attention and bring in new customers in a unique and powerful way. YouTube is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive customers to their website.

There are some things you need to consider that are just as important as the video when posting to YouTube.Untitled design (2)

  • Know your audience. What is your demographic? What are their interests and what will capture their attention?
  • Pick your keywords. Based on your target audience, what are the keywords they will use to search on YouTube? Use the YouTube Keyword Tool to help you. This tool lets you track the number of hits your video gets based on an exact keyword or phrase search string. The tool also lets you see how many other videos come up with that search string and will give you a clue as to your competition. If a large number of videos come up on a search string, you can change your keywords to something different that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Choose your video file name. Search engines don’t recognize images, so it is important that your file name contains keywords that search engines recognize and rank. That being said, it is vital that your thumbnail image be interesting to searchers. Once the search brings up your video, you want the thumbnail to compel viewers to actually watch the video.
  • Choose your video title and description. This is another opportunity to increase your search engine ranking. Although titles should be short, they should include a keyword. The most effective locations for keywords in the video description are in the first and last sentence. This is a simple way to give your business greater online visibility. To encourage interaction with your viewers, include a question or ask them to leave a comment about the video.
  • Post the video on your company website. Do not just post the video on YouTube, but embed it on your website as well. Include the keywords and descriptions to increase your visibility to search engines and audiences.

Remember, when people find interesting videos on YouTube, they will share them on other social media. This multiplies the impact of your video and gives your business even greater exposure. Use these tips to effectively use YouTube as a social media outlet.