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What’s YOUR First Screen?

First Screen. Second Screen. Third Screen.

I went to a seminar about a year ago where a marketing/technology expert referred to the smart phone as a consumer’s “third screen” through which they receive news, entertainment and stay connected. The event was sponsored by a TV station – so, of course, Television was the first screen; the computer screen, the second – and, the smart phone was the emerging third.

Being of an older demographic, I understand this perspective – and, I have mentioned it in presentations and discussions occasionally. As marketers, it is important to remind clients of the high degree of local search being done from mobile devices and how prevalent smart phones are becoming. When I mentioned this “third screen” idea during a recent presentation, a “twenty-something” marketing staffer in the room quickly interrupted me and said – “not for me…it’s my FIRST screen.”

Indeed the smart phone is the “screen of choice” for a growing number of consumers. I-Phones started the trend and Android-equipped phones accelerated it in 2009 and 2010. According to a recent CNN report, Smartphone usage is growing at an amazing rate. Having only an 11% market share in 2008, it grew to 17% in 2009 and 27% in 2010. Looking for those figure for 2011. The percentage grows daily. For more and more consumers, it is becoming the primary source of search, information and connectivity.

Is your website mobile friendly? Is it easy for consumers to find you from their smart phones? Is your site optimized for local and mobile search? If not, your business runs an ever-increasing risk of not being found at all by an ever-growing portion of the consuming public.