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Website Originality is the SEO & Design

A great and profitable website is subject to whether or not it can get found. After all, what good is it to present something if you don’t have an audience, right? In the past, there were certain techniques used to optimize a website for high page rankings on major search engines. But these black hat techniques have led to a surge of Spamdexing. So in response, the biggest of all search engines, Google, has made incredible changes to its algorithms to weed out these junk websites.

What your website needs is more control from you. What we mean is, designing a website yourself without the proper professional guidance can be detrimental to your website’s “visibility” health. A professional can specifically apply what you need to this website which would include originality and meta tags that are encoded into the HTML, but not so much that the Google Penguin or Google Panda algorithm changes will penalize you in the search results.

With you having more control over your website means that you own it, and when a professional builds it for you, then it is yours to do with as you please. At that point, you need a professional internet marketing team to come in and help you maintain a healthy SEO plan that can give you steady and optimal search results. But even still, a professional SEO team will need to work with a quality drafted website.

Like we already said, originality is the key. That is what the new Google Penguin 2.0 is going to look for, and your website design needs to bring something new, fresh and original to the table to get a higher ranking. You keep their interest by constantly updating the website with original content that maintains steady progress with the changing times. The last thing you want is to be blacklisted on a major search engine due to unintended practices that are picked up on as SPAM.