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Web Redesign Tips for Back to School

It’s back to school season, and with back to school comes new marketing campaigns infused with creativity. To maximize your customer engagement during back to school, consider a web redesign in conjunction with your promotions. Seeing a fresh, new site will spark consumer interest and has great potential to lead to more profits. The back to school season is the time to spend, and by optimizing your site for mobile and targeting both kids and parents, you are sure to see success. Follow these simple tips to complete your back to school web redesign with flying colors.

Get Mobile

Mobile is the place to be for back to school 2013. Did you know that in 2012, between 40% and 50% of moms used their tablets for major back to school purchases? That number is sure to rise in 2013 as tablet use grows even more, and mobile shopping on smartphones will certainly see a similar increase. This means that your website redesign should incorporate mobile optimization. Customers should be able to easily navigate your mobile site to find relevant information about your business as well as where they can purchase your products.

Target Kids & Parents

One key element of back to school marketing is the need to target both kids and parents. While parents have the purchasing power, kids have great influence over the products their parents buy. Furthermore, the age at which kids are getting their own smartphones and tablets is getting lower and lower. For your web redesign, first target the parents with a site that is polished and easy to navigate. Most adults on the web want to see a site that is user friendly and professional. For kids, you can utilize fun colors and attractive images, which are sure to grab the attention of a younger audience.

Be Creative

Finally, back to school is all about being creative and challenging expectations. Consumers will want to see a new facet of your product or service that will peak their interest and draw them in. One way to get creative is to pair your web redesign with the introduction of a new product. Completely changing your interface specifically to showcase one product is sure to draw attention and encourage customers to try something new in back to school seasons. Another way to get creative with your web redesign is to embark on a new endeavor, such as a blog or video series that is integrated into your site.