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Web Design Trends in 2014 Promise to Stay

Web design is a constantly changing field. To keep ahead of your competitors, it’s important to stay tuned to the latest trends in web design, regardless of your industry. Some web design trends will undoubtedly fall by the wayside as we move into the New Year. However, some trends are here to stay. If you’re looking to create a strong web presence for your business, these trends are likely to stick around – and become further developed – in 2015:

  • Responsive design. The days of having one site for mobile and one for desktop are on their way out. Across industries, design teams are choosing responsive design instead. Responsive design amounts to one version of your site, which changes depending on the screen size being used. This not only accommodates desktop and mobile, but also allows a business to be viewed on tablets.
  • Untitled design (81)If not responsive, mobile first. Mobile internet usage has overtaken desktop usage. Businesses are now prioritizing their mobile sites.
  • Flat design. The minimalist look of flat design has taken over sites across multiple industries. Flat aesthetics give your site a modern look, and the trend isn’t going away. Flat designs are optimal because they reduce clutter, a big priority in contemporary web design.
  • Less text. Most web users simply don’t read big text blocks. Images, videos, and small portions of written content, especially broken up with bullet points, make a site more user-friendly. This also relates to an upswing in mobile web traffic; most consumers don’t want to read extensive paragraphs on small screens.
  • Infographics. Users appreciate when data is presented in image form. Infographics can share a lot of information in a small space and in an engaging way. They’re original and fun. When done well, infographics also communicate concepts that otherwise would be difficult for the average person to understand.
  • Videos. Most users appreciate video content because it’s easy to take in and can convey visual and spoken information seamlessly. Many web designers now center pages on short videos to capture attention and give important information. Videos are also ideal because of their sharable quality. Promotional and information videos are becoming shorter than ever, thanks in part to the popularity of Vine.
  • Fixed navigation. Having the navigation bar available at all times for the user to take advantage of streamlines page viewing, making the site’s information easier to access.

The way to remain relevant in the web design world is to keep up with trends. It also helps to have the foresight to recognize which trends are fleeting and which promise to stick around. Web design may be a constantly changing field, but staying informed keeps you in a good position for the future. Get in touch today with SteerPoint Marketing about your web design.