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End of 2012 SEO Thoughts – Web Audits for 2013

As 2012 winds down, it’s time to take a look at your SEO program.  For some, I know it’s budgeting time for 2013, if not, just some minor adjustments might be the direction you want to go.  So, let’s stick to a basic approach of what to think about for SEO for next year. At SteerPoint, we work with many of our clients on an SEO audit.

You need to think about your company goals, brand and market to determine your SEO needs and what works best for you. Speaking of which, please see more of this in the new SteerPoint Marketing Video.

There are many questions and considerations to take into account, based on your budget. The SEO audit should determine if you are getting the right value for your SEO dollars.

An SEO Audit is a comprehensive review of your current SEO program.  In order to improve your rankings in organic searches, you need to know what’s working in your site, what needs to be improved, and what may be hurting your rankings.

SteerPoint’s  SEO Audit Features include the following:

Analyzing keywords, traffic and competitors

Checking for page errors and poorly formatted code

Making sure that page titles and content target relevant keyword

Analyzing inbound links to make sure they are from good quality sites and are not broken

Making sure that search engines are not blocked by robots or problems with internal links


The following is a list of questions to consider when thinking about your SEO:

  • What is the total budget for the website? And how much of that total budget needs to be allocated for SEO services?
  • How can adjustments in SEO increase sales/profit for the company in 2013?
  • Is your SEO Consultant there and available to meet  face-to-face about your SEO audit, training and goals for your website?
  • Are Google Webmaster Tools being utilized?
  • Is your SEO Consultant abreast of all Google updates and algorithm changes?
  • Are recommendations based on SEO being implemented in a timely manner?

I could go on with so many more questions you should be asking, but I won’t overwhelm anyone!

If you don’t have a proper SEO tracking system in place, you won’t get the best bang for your buck, to be quite honest. Hopefully the above can help you think through your SEO needs for the upcoming year.