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We can help sell a lot of socks!

We have a pretty strict practice at Steerpoint Marketing; we rarely disclose the names of our SEO clients.  Nor do we ever represent two competitors in the same industry, who are marketing to the same geography.

Our intent is to not give our client’s competitors too many clues about the sources of their search success and the tactics involved with achieving it.  These practices make bragging about happy clients and creating specific case-studies a little problematic.

But, that will not stop us from telling stories.  So, for the sake of company policy,  let’s refer this very happy client as Earl’s House of Socks.

Earl knew he had some problems with his site.  He was selling a lot of “socks” but knew he was losing out on a lot of leads to Wally’s World-O-Socks and Arnie’s Foot-Wear-House.  Although he had paid a lot of money for a website redesign in the past 18 months, there were duplicate pages, incorrect titles, mis-named and un-named pages and even multiple domain names and mirror websites.  These last 2 problems were courtesy of the misguided marketing approach of one of the major telephone directories.  Let’s call them “Old Yellow”.

None of the issues we uncovered at Earl’s site were insurmountable.  Actually, Earl was doing more stuff right than wrong. We took his basic creative concepts and moved them into a WordPress platform.  This now offered true integration with a year’s worth of sock-blogs – and, gave Earl’s marketing department a much easier-to-use platform for site updates and maintenance.  We also encouraged they terminate their association with “Old Yellow”, shut down the mirror-site and save on PPC dollars spent on terms which were already organically ranked.

We have been working for Earl for six months and we recently compiled the following year-to-year metrics.  These are based upon a 30 day May-June period in 2011 and an identical one in 2012:

  • Site Visits: up 50.2%
  • Unique Visitors: up 46.2%
  • Pageviews: up 95.4%
  • New Visitors: over 76% of all visitors
  • All Organic (Non-paid) search visits: up 64.2%
  • Key Organic Search terms
    • 107 terms in the top ten
    • 75 #1 ranking search terms

Three of these terms were even ranked on a national level (top 20) – one, as high as #7. Nationally.

Visits from surrounding Indiana communities are up dramatically.  Bonus:  Earl is getting visits from Illinois, Ohio and New York–as well as every other state in the US.

If you want to hear more – call us.  We might even reveal the industry.  Hint: it is NOT socks.  And, if you are serious about becoming an SEO client, we will even suggest you talk to Earl.  He is currently one of our biggest fans.

He might be hard to catch because he has been pretty busy selling “socks”.  He sold a pair recently for over $100,000.


‘It’s not bragging if you can back it up.’
~Muhammad Ali