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Ways to Incorporate Minimalist Design into Your Website

Minimalism may be one of the most versatile and enduring trends in technology today. It focuses on the user experience by creating a streamlined visual display that is easy to read and absorb. Any company looking to send a clear, memorable message should incorporate minimalist elements into its web or app designs.

Here are some simple and effective ways to start moving your interface towards a minimalist design:

  1. Concise writing. Get to the point, fast. Readers today value companies that give them what they need to know. Don’t spend two paragraphs dancing around an idea before you get to the meat of your message. Consider using infographics or creating small blurbs that catch the eye for easy reading.
  2. Choose your colors carefully. Keep your palette simple. A rainbow of colors can be distracting. Try keeping your color scheme at no more than 3 primary hues. The effect is striking, yet clean and simple. Site visitors on mobile devices can more easily engage with simplicity, and too many colors can create a stressful experience. Think about pop-up ads with 4-6 colors flashing in your face. They get your attention, but it may not be in a good way!
  3. Focus on branding. A great benefit of minimalist design is that every aspect of a site highlights your brand. The logo may be the most striking element on the page, ensuring your visitors will remember the symbol long after they’ve left the site. Even if they only spend 3 seconds on your site before navigating away, the color and representation of your brand can create a memorable impression visitors will remember the next time they see it.

Minimalist web design can greatly enhance your user experience, but it may not work for every company. Focus on looking at your website the way a visitor would see it. What catches your eye? What needs to be better explained?

Use that information to fuel which minimalist elements you employ. Never buy into a trend just because it looks good. Try to see what it could do for your company’s personality and brand recognition.

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