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Using Social Media to Increase Your Business

Not knowing how to use social media properly can make it feel like a liability instead of an asset. Today, we’ll show you a few ways to use social media to increase your business’ popularity and enjoy your work more.

Update Consistently

Sometimes the less time a task takes, the more likely we are not to do it. A Facebook or Twitter update only takes a few seconds, but many business owners don’t update consistently. They end up so far behind that customers miss out on current news and stop frequenting their accounts – and their businesses. Google advises creating personas for different accounts, such as a business persona for LinkedIn and a casual one for Facebook. This way, you can easily keep up with which ones need updates.

Vary Your TopicsFacebook

Be aware that clients don’t like reading too much self-promotion. Self-promotional posts can make you seem arrogant and uninformed about the world. Instead, vary posts. Talk about topics you’re passionate about. For example, if you own a clothing store, perhaps you’re passionate about natural fibers and the environment. Mention any charities your business supports. Support your city’s local events and keep abreast of local, state, and national news. When a news item affects your business, post something about it.

Be a Community Member

Google Plus, Facebook, and other accounts allow you to create and join groups based on business and personal interests. You can create a promotional group – for example, a community for the You Sweet Thing cupcake shop. This would allow you to communicate with other bakers and promote without seeming self-absorbed. When you create a group, you’re identified as the creator in a prominent spot on the page, which draws customers toward your name and product.

Joining other communities can increase your exposure, too. Look for groups similar to yours, or groups whose focus may be different but whose knowledge you can use. You might sell swimming pools, but you could use the marketing knowledge of a group that runs a ski lodge to help stay fiscally fit during fall and winter.

Use Relevant Links and Pictures

Many business owners like to fill their social media accounts with pictures, links, and funny memes to get customers’ attention. If you overdo this, customers will actually avoid your accounts. Beware of click bait and too many memes. Make sure you embed only relevant links – a story about standardized testing that came out three months ago may be too obsolete for your tutoring business.

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