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Tips for Improving Online Engagement

If your company sees high traffic online, but visitors aren’t engaging (clicking, visiting social media sites, and other interactions) with the content, your company may have lost a potential customer. Everything on your site can affect whether or not a given user stays there or moves to a different site to find the same information. Accessibility is key. Here are some tips for making your site content so relevant that your site visitors will feel compelled to keep clicking!

  • Avoid immediate popups – Delay any subscription popups or popup offerings until your visitor has had a chance to look through the site content. Initial site visitors can easily exit an offering before reading it if they don’t have a chance to look at the site content
  • Identify your exit points – Where on your site are most visitors leaving? If they are leaving after spending only a few seconds on your landing page, rethink the visual experience. If they look at your services page and then leave, maybe your company isn’t offering what consumers are looking for. Identifying these points often highlights what needs work.
  • Ask for feedback – Install a chat widget, open comments sections, or ask visitors to complete a short questionnaire. The feedback will not only tell you what to improve, but also what your site does well.
  • Make everything shareable – Do the hard work for site visitors by adding plenty of email and social media sharing buttons to all your content. Make customer reviews, videos, infographics, and blog posts easy for your visitors to Tweet or share on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Link within your site strategically – Include a similar interests or “Like this? You may also like…” sections at the end of your content to encourage users to pursue more information about a topic, product, or related information. Keep visitor curiosity piqued by posting information that is useful, but may not be considered direct marketing.
  • Keep it simple – Keep content as simple and concise as possible. Wordiness and too much distraction on a page can make mobile and desktop users back out of a website without a second glance.

Pay attention to the way you interact on websites and what makes you want to keep clicking. Awareness of your own interests can inform you about what your audience will also want to see on a site. When you’re ready to make the most out of your website engagement, contact the team at SteerPoint Marketing.