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The Components of a Great Landing Page

When it comes to your brand’s website, the landing page is the top priority. Your landing page is most often the first page that customers see, which means that the only way to ensure their continued engagement with your website is to have a great landing page. With the following components, your landing page will be at its best.

A Great Headline

The first component of a great landing page is a headline that stands out. All of the headlines on your page should be designed to raise the interest of your potential customers and leave them wanting to learn more. Your headlines should also be concise and clear in their message; a user should never have to guess at what you are trying to say. Furthermore, all of your headlines as well as your web copy should have perfect grammar.

The Call To Action

The Call To Action, or CTA, is a core element of your website. An effective CTA will stand out from the rest of your landing page. It should be in the form of a clear button that can be clicked on to follow through with the CTA, which may involve requesting a quote, signing up for the newsletter, or asking for more information. The CTA should never be unclear or difficult to locate.

Keep It Simple

Because a landing page is the first interaction a customer has with your website, it is important to keep it simple and make a good first impression. There are a few ways in which your landing page can be simplified. First, do not have too many links. You should have a simple navigation toolbar that leads to the main categories of your site, including products and services, contact information, etc. You should also try to have only a few major elements – too much text or an overload of images will overwhelm your potential customers.

Interactive Elements

In order to engage users, your landing page should have a few interactive elements, such as images and video. The media on your landing page should be relevant to the copy: for example, an image accompanying an article or photos of your products. Again, remember to keep it simple and not overwhelm the user with interactive elements.

Building Trust

Another key component of your landing page is building trust. Your landing page should not only inspire your customers to learn more and follow your CTA, but it should also show them why they can trust your company. One of the best ways to build trust is to include customer testimonials, either in the form of text or videos. You can also add press releases that show off your company’s achievements or certifications you have earned.