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Spring has Arrived: Time for a Website Makeover

Spring cleaning is a popular chore this time of year. The snow is gone and the weather is getting warmer. You’ve thought about updating the state of your home, but have you considered the state of your website? A good business owner often reviews their marketing techniques, and they know they need to continually improve their marketing techniques to keep customers interested. Spring is a good time to take a look at your website and see what changes can be made.

Planning Your Website Makeover

There are some basic steps to give a website a makeover. Website design requires strong attention to detail. Every section of the page needs to be polished to the needs of the customer. A successful website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, contains no typos, and is visually appealing. Learn about (or look for ways to improve) SEO or search engine optimization. Proper SEO will guide the correct customers to the website.

If the website contains a headshot, make sure it is up to date. Nobody looks the same every year or even every six months. In addition to a new headshot, consider new images and infographics to make the design more appealing. Fresh design changes will keep people on the website longer because they will be interested to see the new changes.

Staying on Top: Maintain Your Homepage

Content on the website should be up to date. Review website information and decide what is old news. Think of any new issues that should be addressed on the website. Once old content is removed or updated, proofread the new content. Typos on any website, no matter the nature of the business, look very unprofessional and can be off-putting to potential customers. The content of a website can always make or break a business.

Follow Up for a Guaranteed Response

Once a website is updated, a business owner should promote the change. Announce adjustments to the website on social media channels and let customers know there is new information. Consumers will appreciate being informed, and they will be interested to explore the new look and see what was changed.

When revamping a website, explore what customers are looking for. Research the latest developments in SEO and website functions, and when possible, incorporate those revisions in your website. When consumers are looking for new and fresh information, your spring website update will address the needs of your customers.

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