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Some days I feel as if I need to join corporate America!

I took some time this week to review all of the proposals SteerPoint presented and checked Google to see how those who choose not to engage with us were doing on ranking for organic results. Two companies are out of business, and three corporations have dropped in ranking to the point unacceptable by anyone with any understanding of the internet.

The next step was to see who still has a job, and I was shocked at those in Corporate America who have failed in rankings for organic traffic and are still in the same role. This just tells me that there are people in charge of operations for companies that just don’t get the true value of organic rankings and the difference it has on a company.

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear due to the relevance of the search terms, and the actual term “organic” is now in widespread use within the SEO and internet marketing industry.

Internet theorist John Kilroy first used the term organic beginning in 2004. And now, and since July of 2009, organic is a very frequently used term by Google and in Google Analytics.

How to improve organic rankings? – content, content, content. There are other things too that impact your rankings. Want to know? Call us! SteerPoint can help.