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Social and Mobile 2013

Some of the trends on the increase even more in 2013 will be that of more social media, mobile websites and quality content. These are the 3 topics I am currently discussing with all of my clients as they approach their marketing plans for the upcoming year.

Many of SteerPoint Design’s clients are not seeing the connection between your web presence and your social media presence. Social media needs to be your gateway and your voice so that the public can connect to your website. You want your customers, their family, their friends, their neighbors and their networks talking about your company and searching for you online.

It was reported that for the first time ever, more shoppers used mobile websites to do more holiday shopping. I believe this trend is going to continue to remain strong the next few months. So, you have to ask the question as a business owner, do we even have a mobile website? At SteerPoint Design, we incorporate the look of your business site for mobile technologies. And, it’s much easier than you think!

We have talked to many clients that are increasing their marketing budgets for 2013 for web updates, a website re-design, a social media person or someone just to write content. As I have already mentioned in previous posts, it’s all about content, content, content, and it needs to be relevant and unique. Content will help companies connect and engage with their target audience!

At SteerPoint Design – we can do ALL of this, for you! Let us know when you need help in 2013 to get your started on connecting with your audience.