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A fairly new social media network that has quickly risen in popularity, Pinterest is another component that we will consider for your company’s social media marketing strategy. On Pinterest, you can connect with customers by creating boards and pins for them to share. With promoted content and the opportunity for social sharing, Pinterest will help your brand expand its reach and better engage with customers. At SteerPoint Marketing, our Indianapolis internet marketing consultants will work with your brand to develop a strategy for marketing on Pinterest that meets the needs of your company. With custom social media packages, we find a solution that works for you.


On Pinterest, users are predominantly sharing content, creating a prime opportunity for your brand to gain visibility and engage with customers. Users on Pinterest love to share images of products, which makes this social network very different from others, where sharing photo sharing is more focused on friends and family. Pinterest also offers an advertising platform: promoted pins. Promoted pins appear in users’ feeds much like regular pins, allowing them to blend in and encouraging engagement with your brand. With Pinterest’s rich pins feature, you can add key details to your pins, including availability, pricing, and more. When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, the key is to be unique and share high-quality images that other users will want to re-pin.

Pinterest allows you to create various boards to categorize your pins, and cultivating unique boards that match your customer’s interests will increase engagement. In addition to using high-quality images for pins, you should also avoid adding your company logo or using them as advertisements. Instead, use detailed descriptions to ensure that Pinterest users visit your website and boost conversions. Pinterest also offers important options for integration into your website. You can add “Pin It” buttons to products on your website, allowing users to share your products on their boards. Pinterest also recently introduced a new API that allows certain brands to promote their popular pins on their website. As a social network that is still changing and expanding, Pinterest will certainly bring many more opportunities in the future for brands to better promote themselves and increase customer engagement.

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While Pinterest is newer and not as widely used as other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it provides significant benefits for your brand’s social media marketing strategy. First, Pinterest ranks highly as a source of referral traffic to both websites and e-commerce stores, following only Facebook in this arena. This means that promoting your brand on Pinterest leads to click backs to your website. Pinterest also boasts impressive conversion rates into not just sales, but high-value sales. In addition, Pinterest has a high number of daily active users. 84% of Pinterest’s users are women, which means that brands marketing to this demographic have a particular advantage in using this social network.

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