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Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks, making it integral to your brand’s social media marketing strategy. At SteerPoint Marketing, a local Indianapolis internet marketing firm, we offer a range of solutions to help your brand create a Twitter presence and build its Twitter marketing campaign. From hashtags to promoted Tweets, SteerPoint is here to guide your organization through the realm of Twitter marketing to increase engagement, cultivate brand awareness, and improve your Indianapolis SEO campaign. With customized social media packages to meet the needs of your business, we find a strategy that works for you.


When it comes to marketing on Twitter, there are two main avenues for brands: customer engagement and promoted content. Customer engagement is developed through your brand’s Twitter account. Your Twitter account should reflect the overall image of your brand and share valuable content that encourages users to engage. Twitter is unique in that hashtags rule, and your brand can take advantage of hashtags to expand your reach and promote user participation.

In addition to engaging with customers, your brand can use promoted tweets and trends to expand its reach on Twitter. With promoted tweets, your brand can advertise its tweets in search results and user feeds. Promoted trends allow your brand to appear in the “Trending Topics” section on Twitter. Both promoted options are proven to increase user engagement and expand the reach of your brand on Twitter, enhancing your social media marketing campaign.

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Overall, Twitter ranks nearly as high as Facebook in terms of importance for your brand. Studies have shown that marketing on Twitter generates not only engagement with customers, but real conversions into offline sales. Whether they see Promoted Tweets or organic tweets, brands find that users who view their content are more likely to visit the store and make a purchase. This means that using Twitter to promote your brand and engage with customers is a strategy that can increase your ROI and generate sales for your business. Furthermore, Twitter is a social media network with massive reach, falling behind only Facebook and Google+ in terms of user base. Twitter offers significant opportunities for your brand to expand its reach and find new leads.


On Twitter, one of the most important components of your tweet is the hashtag. Brands use hashtags to make their content searchable and increase visibility to a wider audience. You can use both generic hashtags to categorize your content and unique hashtags to promote a specific campaign, such as introducing a new product or holding a contest via Twitter. Hashtags also help users participate in the discussion by making it easier for them to follow and respond. In addition, hashtags are useful for your business because they allow you to see how your content is performing using analytics.


With significant experience in social media marketing, SteerPoint Marketing can help your brand expand its reach and share valuable content using Twitter. We will work with your business to develop a strategy for both organic and promoted content on Twitter that meets your individual needs. At SteerPoint Marketing, we are dedicated to creating social media marketing strategies that work for you. We know that not every method of social media marketing is conducive to your business, industry, or customers. Because of this, we base our social media packages off of the needs of your organization, creating customized packages for each and every client.

To learn more about how our Indianapolis internet marketing consultants can help your brand integrate Twitter into its social media marketing campaign, contact SteerPoint Marketing today for a free consultation.

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