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As the most widely used social media network, Facebook is an absolute must for your brand. By cultivating your
Facebook presence, you are automatically expanding your reach and making it easier for potential customers to find your company. Brands use Facebook to connect and engage with consumers in multiple ways, from paid ads to content sharing. Furthermore, Facebook offers the benefit of advanced analytics tools to help you measure and grow the success of your company’s marketing campaign. With a range of options for both engagement and advertising, Facebook is a critical component of any brand’s social media marketing strategy.


When it comes to marketing on Facebook, there have never been more options available to brands. First, our team of Indianapolis internet marketing consultants will help you set up your Facebook page if you do not already have one, adding important branding elements such as your logo, photos, and contact information. We will also develop a strategy for driving customer engagement through your Facebook page by sharing valuable content, hosting contests, promoting deals and events, soliciting feedback, and more.

In addition, our team will discuss the multiple advertising options that Facebook offers. With CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and CPA (cost per action) options available, we can find a strategy that meets your budget. Facebook provides an objectives-based advertising platform, which allows your company to hone a marketing strategy that drives the specific results you are looking for.

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One of the main aspects of marketing on Facebook is driving customer engagement vs. promoting products and services. On social media, the goal of your marketing campaign is to draw in customers and engage directly with them, offering sharable content and a space for discussion. There are many ways to focus your Facebook marketing efforts on customer engagement rather than brand promotion. For example, you can provide your audience with valuable, educational content to share or offer customer service through your Facebook page.


Along with providing valuable opportunities for customer engagement and advertising, Facebook is important to your marketing strategy because it helps you increase brand visibility. As one of the main sources of referral traffic, Facebook aids you in garnering click backs to your website, converting Facebook fans into sales. Through social sharing, Facebook also allows the content on your website to be shared across the web, leading to even greater user engagement and improving SEO. By marketing on Facebook, you will expand your brand’s reach online.


One of the main benefits to marketing on Facebook is the fact that your business has access to in-depth insights and analytics tools. In your Facebook page’s Insights section, you can view a wealth of valuable information, including your page’s growth in terms of likes, reach and visits. Insights also shows you when your fans are online, helping you determine when to post, and it provides demographic data on your visitors, such as gender, location, age, etc. Finally, Facebook’s analytics tools also offer you a Pages to Watch section, providing you with insight into how your competitors are performing on Facebook.


At SteerPoint Marketing, our Indianapolis internet marketing consultants offer both experience and expertise when it comes to marketing on Facebook. By taking advantage of the marketing options that Facebook provides, along with the other social media available to you through our customized social media packages, your brand will kickstart its social media marketing strategy. Contact SteerPoint Marketing, an Indianapolis SEO firm, to learn more about our strategies for social media marketing on Facebook and to request a free consultation for your business today.

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