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When it comes to your company’s social media marketing campaign, Google+ is a key player for many different reasons. Not only is Google+ one of the largest social networking sites with 359 million active users, but it is also Google’s own social network, which means using this site is crucial to your SEO campaign. As an Indianapolis SEO firm, SteerPoint Marketing is capable of aiding your brand in leveraging Google+ to expand your reach and enhance your overall marketing campaign. We develop customized social media packages to meet the specific needs of your business and ensure that we are targeting the right networks and methods for both your company and your customers.

Google Plus MarketingMARKETING ON GOOGLE+

Along with improving your SEO campaign, Google+ is important to your brand’s social media marketing strategy as the second largest social media network, following Facebook. With a massive user base, Google+ helps you expand your reach and continue connecting with potential customers. On Google+, your brand can share content and encourage user engagement through +1s. Google+ also provides the benefit of social sharing, allowing your brand to increase visibility across the web and build inbound links to your website. You can integrate Google+ into your website by adding the Google +1 button and by adding Google+ comments.

Another important feature of Google+ is the fact that it is now integrated with YouTube. This means that your social media marketing strategy on Google+ is critical to your YouTube marketing strategy as well. You can easily link your company’s YouTube channel with its Google+ page to share video content with your connections. This integration also allows you to more easily moderate your YouTube channel. By leveraging both Google+ and YouTube, your brand can more effectively implement its social media marketing strategy.

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Google+ is especially important for businesses because of the way it affects your SEO campaign. First, Google treats Google+ pages like websites, meaning that they are ranked the same way as other pages by the search engine. Having a Google+ page will help your business build its rankings in search results and provide referral traffic to your website. In addition, Google+ Local is available for local businesses, also helping you rank higher in web searches. With a listing on Google+ Local, your business can add key information and utilize free analytics tools for insights on your customer engagement through Google+.

Another important Google+ factor for SEO is Google+ Authorship. Google+ Authorship allows you to link your Google+ profile to content you create anywhere on the web, including your company’s website, blog, and other media sources. By integrating Google+ Authorship into your company’s blog, you can give credibility to your content and improve your results in search rankings. Google+ Authorship also increases click-through rates because it adds a photo to your content when it appears on search engine results pages. Furthermore, users can find more content written by you through the link provided in search results.

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