The Derby Theory

Don’t be Left at the Gates

the Derby Theory

You spend hours designing and developing your site to develop what you believe is the best product on the web for your market. You pick out the right photos and colors and may have added videos, a blog and even a social chat room to inspire more use of your site. This is like the trainer who took the young horse and spent years training day and night to produce the fastest horse in the field.

It’s race day (launch day), and you are ready to flip the switch and watch the site take off. You count down the seconds. BANG! The gun goes off, and the gate opens. But you forgot to get a jockey! Your site is ready and willing to take off, but there’s no jockey to guide the horse to the finish line.

The failure to guide is the number one reason for a failed website. The root problem with most web designers is they fail to acknowledge or understand the value of search engine optimization. Every site that is built should have a budget for SEO that exceeds the web production. The web is not a “build it and they will come” environment. Just like postcards, mailers, tri-folds and general marketing materials, the production and printing is the least expensive segment. You spend more time and money distributing (mailings  and trade shows) your product to the right hands.

Steerpoint is a web development company that aids in the proper development of a website to include all the search engine strategies with a look and feel that grabs the customer and makes them a returning customer. Steerpoint creates the right jockey for your race to help achieve the right outcome – finish first at the line and on the search results.

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