Reputation Management Service

Companies spend thousands, even millions of dollars on building their brand, and, but without proper brand protection, it can all be for nothing. It is necessary to manage your online reputation by monitoring what people are saying and writing about your brand on the web. With our online reputation management services, you can ensure that your brand has a positive reputation on the web, which will in turn increase the number of customers you attract.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Basically, online reputation management involves monitoring the way that a brand, business, or person is portrayed on the Internet. This service can generate more positive search results for your brand and de-emphasize posts that are negative or misleading as well as those that contain inaccurate information. We de-emphasize these results by pushing them lower in search engine rankings. Some of the services involved in online reputation management include creating online profiles, managing online reviews, and monitoring your brand and providing insight.

Who Needs Online Reputation Management Service?

All companies can benefit from online reputation management. While many companies seek out online reputation management in the aftermath of a large scandal or reputation problem, this is not the best or most cost-effective way to manage your online reputation. Fixing a major problem after it has occurred can ultimately be extremely expensive for your company, while preventing a problem before it happens is much more economical.

You may also be wondering how much your online reputation really matters. The answer? A lot. Your online reputation makes a difference in the amount of consumers who choose your business over the competition. Customers frequently seek out reviews online before choosing a company’s products or services, which means that bad reviews can do a lot of damage.

How Can I Assess My Online Reputation?

To asses your online reputation, you need to see what people are saying about your business online. Use multiple search engines to conduct simple searches for your company name, brand, products, high profile employees, and social media usernames. For the most part, users do not look past the first few pages of search results, which means those are the pages that you should focus on. See what kind of content appears on those first few pages. If the majority is content produced by your brand that puts you in a positive light, you probably have a positive online reputation. If the first few pages have a lot of negative reviews and false information, your online reputation is likely negative.

How Can I Improve My Online Reputation?

There are many ways that you can start improving your online reputation yourself. You can set up a Google alert for your brand to keep track of new content. You can also buy your domain name and claim your brand’s name on social media networks and directory listings. However, the majority of online reputation management should be taken on by a firm that has expertise in this area. This will ensure that your online reputation is being managed using the most advanced products and strategies.

Reputation Management Services

When it comes to your online reputation, SteerPoint can take charge. We offer online reputation management as a part of our Indianapolis SEO services, helping you maintain a strong, positive presence in search engine results that helps your business grow. To learn more about how online reputation management can help your brand and complement your SEO strategy, contact SteerPoint today for a free consultation.

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