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google-penaltyThousands of sites across the web have been affected with loss of rankings, traffic and leads due to Google Penguin or Panda updates. Most of these site owners did engage with link companies in the past to create thousands of back links from blog networks, directory submissions, article submissions, cross-site linking and third party sites. Prior to Google’s algorithm changes, these sites benefited from high ranking, traffic and leads.

Depending upon your past SEO campaigns, link removal may be an important part of your current SEO strategy. Due to updates in the Google algorithm, many websites have been affected by bad backlinks acquired before they were penalized by search engines. If your website is one that has been affected by these changes, you will need to have these links removed to avoid penalties and get your website back to ranking at the top. At SteerPoint, we offer link removal as a part of our SEO services to your business.

Backlinks & SEO

Backlinks, which are incoming links to your website from other places on the web, are a key part of how Google’s search algorithm determines the rankings of websites. Essentially, the algorithm examines both how many backlinks your website has acquired and the quality level of each website that those links appear on.

In the past, the algorithm used to look at quantity above quality, meaning that if you had more backlinks, your website would rank better, no matter where these backlinks were located. This led to companies hiring firms to create thousands of backlinks from third party sites, blog networks, article submissions, directory submissions, and cross-site linking to improve their rankings. However, with new updates to the Google algorithm, this has changed drastically.

Panda & Penguin Updates

With updates to Panda and then Penguin, the names for different versions of Google’s search algorithm, thousands of websites lost their rankings, traffic, and leads due to the change in the way backlinks affect search engine rankings. This change prioritizes quality over quantity, rewarding sites for having backlinks from sites with high quality content and penalizing them for having backlinks on domains that have low quality content and are considered to be spammy. Removing these backlinks is the only way to get rid of current penalties on your website and avoid future penalties.

Finding Bad Links

How exactly can you determine what backlinks are bad and what backlinks are good? There are a few factors that will help you figure this out. If the link does not relate to your website or provide any value to your followers, it is a bad link. In addition, if the link appears on a spammy page, it is also a bad link. Good links will be relevant, offer value, and be located on a quality website. While you can use programs to help find and remove bad links, it is best to check each link individually to make the call on whether it is good or bad.

Removing Penalties

If you have incurred a penalty due to bad backlinks, you will also want to get that lifted to improve your search engine rank. The first step in getting the penalty lifted is actually removing the links themselves, which involves contacting the administrator of the website. The next step involves using Google’s disavow tool to block harmful domains and URLs. After you have gotten rid of the offending backlinks, you can finally submit a request for reconsideration to Google.

SteerPoint Marketing Link Removal Services

At SteerPoint, we know that the process of dealing with bad backlinks and getting them removed can be overwhelming. If your business engaged in link building before the updates to the Google algorithm, you may be faced with thousands of backlinks that were once gaining you rankings and leads and are now resulting in penalties from Google. Because of this, we offer link removal as part of our Indianapolis SEO services. We can handle both finding and removing all bad backlinks as well as getting your penalties removed. To learn more about our link removal services and request a free consultation, contact SteerPoint today.

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