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Paid Search Marketing Services

What We Do

SteerPoint Team Provides Customized Solutions for Any and All of Our Clients Specific Needs Including:

Campaign Management

Professionals monitor and manage your PPC campaigns and work with you to make sure all your needs are met and that the campaigns themselves continue to perform well.

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads allow you to turn your product feed file from the Google Merchant Center into shopping ads for the items you sell.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads provide a huge opportunity for your business to stay “top of mind” with potential and existing customers

Campaign Development

Our team will go through the process of creating new PPC accounts or reviewing existing accounts that your company holds on each PPC engine.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We will continue to make updates to your paid search campaign as needed, including keywords, bidding strategies, ad copy, daily keyword budgets, and maximum cost per click.

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Paid Search Marketing Services

PPCPay per click marketing, also known as PPC or paid search, allows you to enhance your internet marketing and SEO campaign by ensuring that your business will appear in search results for certain keywords. With PPC, you bid on keywords that that have the most relevance to your target market to have your advertisement displayed in search results. It is referred to as “pay per click” because the advertiser pays the publisher of the website each time the ad is clicked on. At SteerPoint Marketing, we can handle your entire PPC campaign.

SteerPoint Marketing manages the entire paid search process, beginning with selecting the right keywords for your business and your target audience and managing the day-to-day process of bidding. We will develop both maximum bid prices and practical goals to keep your PPC campaign on track, all the while providing you with our insight. Our team of Indianapolis internet marketing consultants will also monitor the relationship between impressions and click-through rate, review both your creative messages and the positions of your ads, and deliver a targeted ad campaign that attracts customers and converts them into sales.

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Paid Search Methodology

At SteerPoint Marketing, we approach each and every paid search marketing campaign with a specific methodology:

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