Content Development

Content marketing is a core component of your brand’s overall Internet marketing strategy, including your social media campaign. With content marketing, your business can stand out as a trusted industry resource, providing valuable knowledge to customers. This allows you to build brand loyalty and increase rates of customer engagement, leading to conversions into sales for your company. As a complete Indianapolis Internet marketing firm, SteerPoint offers content creation and blogging services to give your brand a voice on the web, increasing both visibility and credibility. With proven strategies for success, SteerPoint is here to help your business grow and expand its reach.

The Importance of Content Development

Why is content marketing crucial to your social media marketing strategy? In order to develop a social media presence, your brand needs to be creating shareable content that connects with your customers and provides them something of value. With content creation services from SteerPoint, you will always have fresh content that users can share across the web, lending you visibility and increasing engagement. Furthermore, good content allows your business to stand out as an industry resource. This lends credibility to your brand, building your reputation and instilling a sense of trust in potential customers.


Blogging & SEO

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is your company’s blog. Your blog is where you give your brand a voice, providing important industry knowledge and resources for your customers to turn to. In addition, blogging is important for your brand’s SEO campaign. Blogging provides fresh content for your website, backlinks, and social sharing opportunities. All of these factors are taken into account by search engines and help increase your rankings in search results, allowing you to be seen by your target audience.

If your business is searching for content creation and blogging services, contact SteerPoint today to learn more about how you can benefit from our custom social media packages. Our Indianapolis SEO firm is dedicated to creating individualized strategies to push your business ahead of the competition.
1. Professional Blog Manager that works with you on strategic direction of your blog:

  • Help with content ideas
  • Manages the writers
  • Professional content Editor
  • Takes care of the posts for you.

2. All writers have a minimum of a Bachelors in English to ensure:

      • Quality writing
      • Do all the research
      • Source their material
      • Ensure there is no plagiarism or copyright issues with content.

3. On-time delivery guarantee.

4. Editorial Process

    • Client Interview to discuss Blog topics
    • Blog Manager gives recording to writers
    • Writers research, source, and write blog posts
    • Blog posts are posted to Google Docs for review
      • Client can edit, add, or delete
      • Client must approve by specified date for on-time guarantee
    • Once approved, Blog Manager schedules posts in WordPress and content will be promoted in client’s social media platforms.
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