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SEO: An Investment, Not Instant Change

Marketing companies might say “SEO” more than any other term. Everyone wants to scramble to the top of the Google search bar, so it’s only natural there’s so much focus on search engine optimization. However, some business owners are leery of SEO for one simple reason: It takes time.

We live in a world dominated by instant gratification. For some, waiting for results is almost as bad as not getting them at all. The argument usually includes phrases like “SEO is all about the internet. How can it be slow when the web is so fast?” To understand why SEO takes time, you need to know the basics of the process.

SEOWhy SEO Isn’t Instantaneous

SEO is always changing, yes, but every search also deals with massive amounts of information. Even the best keywords are the tiniest fraction of the words that sites like Google crawl through. What’s more, countless other sites use similar tactics to try to reach their own customers.

Think of it like mileage on a car. Coasting down one long hill improves your miles per gallon, but it’s not enough to move the overall average. It would take consistent changes in driving habits (or a whole lot of downhill coasts) to make a change in the average. With SEO, your site can suddenly become more trustworthy and relevant, but it won’t affect ranking differences overnight.

Another issue is that language and technology are always changing. In the past, all it took to climb the rankings was a few little keywords. Now there are huge algorithms that take all sorts of information into account. Elementary school books won’t cut it in college, and old, “fast” SEO techniques simply aren’t powerful enough to make a true difference.

Another important part of SEO is creating content. Drafting useful pages and blog posts for your business simply takes time. Plus, Google recognizes that too much traffic too quickly is a warning sign. Credibility is far more important than just clicks – and that’s a reputation you have to build.

Even though the results can be a bit slow to show, SEO is vital to building a successful business. You need to have customers to do well, and being visible on sites like Google is crucial to finding those people. If you have questions about the return of investment of SEO or what it could do for your company, contact SteerPoint Marketing today.