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When NOT to Redesign Your Website

While we at SteerPoint Design are always in favor of redesigning your website when the time is right, there are also many situations in which redesigning your website simply will not help. Often, brands believe that by simply redesigning their website, they can increase traffic, generate leads, become more competitive, or solve other problems. However, many of these problems are actually better solved by improving your SEO and marketing campaigns. With these tips, you will have a better understanding of when redesigning your website is not the answer.

You Want to Compete With the Big Guys

One reason that many brands choose to redesign their websites is to be more competitive. They believe that if they simply have a website of the same caliber as the big name companies, they too will instantly rise to their level of competition. However, being competitive is about much more than just your website. While you should absolutely have a high-quality, user-friendly website, you also need to focus on other aspects of your company, such as your business model and marketing campaign, in order to become more competitive.

Your Website Isn’t Gaining Traffic or Lead

If your website is lacking when it comes to gaining traffic or generating leads, a redesign is again not the answer. While a website redesign would be beneficial for decreasing your bounce rate and keeping visitors engaged on your site, a redesign will not help you generate more traffic or leads. Instead, you should be focusing on optimizing your existing website for search through keywords, calls to action, tags, social media integration, and other SEO strategies.

You Think Your Website is Boring

Another bad reason to redesign your website is because you are bored with it. While you may be looking at the same website day in and day out, your visitors probably aren’t. Remember that the best web design is one that is user-friendly and appeals to new visitors, allowing them to navigate easily to find what they are   looking for. By redesigning your website every 6 months, you are going to do more harm than good.

Your CEO Told You To

Finally, another terrible reason to redesign your company’s website is because your CEO told you to do it. While your CEO is the one in charge, he or she is not the expert on marketing or web design. Rather than blindly following orders, it is best to find out why your CEO believes it is time for a redesign. It is highly probable that once you have figured out the reason behind this, you will be able to propose a better solution to the problem at hand.