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Marketing Strategies: What Do Customers Find Most Valuable?

As marketers, we find value in sharing our brands’ message across multiple channels, from social media and mobile to email and SMS. Unfortunately, our own opinions as marketers on what marketing channels are most valuable often do not line up with what our customers are saying. New data from eMarketer shows that in general, there is a huge divide between what advertising channels marketers believe are most important and how consumers actually feel about these different types of marketing. Read on to learn more about the data and how you can respond to what your customers want.

Data from eMarketer

Overall, this research conducted by eMarketer shows that consumers are not seeing the value in different marketing channels in the same way as marketers. Here are the stats:

  • While 87% of marketers value a personalized web experience, only 16% of consumers are finding it helpful.
  • Consumers find email marketing most valuable at 25%; however, marketers still over-value this method at 82%.
  • 42% of marketers find Facebook and Twitter valuable compared to just 9% of consumers.
  • Only 6% of consumers value video advertising compared to 37% of marketers.
  • While 35% of marketers value marketing via mobile apps, only 5% of consumers agree.
  • 29% of marketers find web ads valuable compared to 10% of consumers.
  • For mobile ads, 20% of marketers find them valuable compared to only 6% of consumers.
  • Finally, only 2% of consumers find SMS marketing valuable, compared to 17% of marketers.

What These Numbers Mean

What exactly do these numbers mean for marketers? First, the data shows that overall, consumers find all marketing less valuable than marketers do. Second, the data also tells us that on average, marketers are simply not in tune with what types of advertising consumers find to be valuable. Essentially, this means that there is serious room for improvement when it comes to meeting the wants and needs of our customers.

Knowing What the Customer Wants

How can marketers make these various marketing channels more valuable to consumers? The first step is understanding what the customer wants. This means both encouraging your customers to provide feedback and listening to them when they do. On social media in particular, it is easy for brands to learn what their customers want by simply providing them with a voice and paying attention.

Another way to improve is by viewing your marketing strategy through the eyes of the consumer and asking yourself, “How does this marketing campaign benefit my target audience?” and “Where is the value in this campaign for the customer?” By getting more in tune with your customers, you will be able to develop marketing strategies that are valuable for both parties.