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Low Conversion Rates? This Could be Why

Conversion rates are crucial to determining how well your marketing efforts are faring. Usually, getting traffic to your website isn’t much of a problem for business. The issue is when you start seeing low engagement on social media, on your site, and the dreaded bounce rate increase. The reason this happens is because many marketing strategies focus heavily on SEO, like keywords. While this is great for bringing traffic to your site, it does nothing for your conversion rates. If you’re suffering from low conversion rate syndrome, there may be a few key factors behind it.

Conversion rates measure how well you’re engaging your customers. Things like how many times your articles are shared, how many comments you get on blog posts, and how many subscribers you have will affect this rate. When your conversion rate is low, it means something is amiss with the individual content that’s reflecting the rate.

Technical Difficultiesconversion

If you’re seeing a high bounce rate, that is, people leaving your website immediately after arriving, it’s a hint that you may be having technical issues. Re-test your website often to make sure it’s optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Always check for broken links to “404 page not found”: links like this will negatively affect your page rank and conversion rates.

A Muddled Message

Throughout all your content, your brand voice should be clear and understandable. If your content is unclear, or the directions on your CTA are unclear, consumers will get confused. Keep all your channels and content consistent so that when someone clicks an ad or link, he or she will be brought to the appropriate page. Likewise, get rid of distracting ads and pop-ups. Too much going on will confuse your customers and create anxiety.

Disengaging Content

Make content easy and engaging. Format content in a way that’s easy to digest. You only have an average of about 8 seconds to grab a reader’s attention, so make the best of that short amount of time. Keep your website clean and optimized for usability. Break content up into bullet points and small sections of text. Don’t overuse keywords, and use them in a way that makes sense. Above all, strive for high-quality, useful content that consumers want to read.

No Incentives

Offer your customers something in return for signing up, sharing a post, or commenting on a blog. Tell them clearly what you’re going to give them. For example, give them a free e-book for signing up for a weekly newsletter. Give them a discount code if they share your post. If you offer them something that they see as valuable, they will be more than willing to convert.

Fixing errors like these on your website and within your content should give your conversion rates a significant boost. Need help? Let us know at SteerPoint Marketing. We can discuss other ways to improve your conversion rates.