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From an SEO standpoint, the use of Infographics is a great visualization tool to be used with social media – they can be liked, shared, e-mailed to others, etc. – which can be linked back to a company’s website. Many of our clients request to have them specifically placed on their websites. They have been around now for about a year or so. Right now, they seem to be the “in thing” – but, are they really here to stay?

An Infographic is a unique way to convey an idea or explain steps in a process and/or timeline. But, if it looks like it’s too much work for the reader, does it really convey a message or just get ignored? SteerPoint Marketing has seen very good examples of Infographics yet some that are unattractive, ineffective and, therefore, we believe some, quite frankly, are just getting overlooked. Some tend to be too colorful, busy and the key informational message gets lost.

There are 3 different types of learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 65% of the population is categorized as visual learners. So, if you aren’t a visual learner, graphic information isn’t for you! Our advice would be to also reach out to the other 35% whom may receive your business marketing message in a better manner.

So in order to have a successful Infographic, one word of advice: simplicity. The goal is to get a message across – easily understandable.
Infographics, we feel, might be at their peak – will they decline in popularity?