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I have this new website, what do we do now?

Occasionally, potential clients call me to ask: I have this new website, what do we do now? Why won’t my website rank?

For clients, often it’s like opening a new gift around the holidays – only this gift is supposed to bring money and a profit! A new website is exciting, and it improves your business perceptibility.

So, the website goes live, now what? The Internet marketing plan for your business is a process –

  1.  Build the website you want
  2. Market your website to your clients
  3. Meet with your SEO consultant – in person!

Yes, your SEO firm or consultant should be meeting with you personally to gain visions for your business, not avoid your questions on the phone and still send you an invoice for their “time.” But SEO results might be minimal to start out with and surprising for a brand new website.

So, you ask, why won’t my website automatically rank after some basic SEO? Google and search engine algorithms seem to change about once every 4-6 weeks, and this affects where a website will rank.  After a website is launched, it does take some time even after some SEO for top rankings to occur. Everyone wants to rank #1 on Google, but there is always other competition as well. Worry about YOUR business for now, not your competitors.

Spending money on SEO and Internet Marketing is important for rankings, it may not happen over night, but eventually you will get where you want to be on Google or other search engines. Give it time! You will see an improvement in rankings.

Your website is complete, you have met personally with your SEO consultant, you begin to rank online, and the next step is more internet marketing from SteerPoint Marketing.