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Graph Search vs Google

There’s obviously been much talk this week about Facebook’s new graph search – the good, the bad, what it is, what it’s not, and from an SEO standpoint, I’m not quite sure yet.  SteerPoint Marketing immediately signed up to be on the waiting list for the very limited beta program, so we can test it ourselves and learn more for our clients. But, I do have several questions/concerns that might be addressed in the upcoming months this year:

  • Is Facebook trying to take away search from Google?
  • Will Facebook be the next search engine, instead of Google?
  • Is Facebook trying to be the one-stop shopping social media page for all users?
  • What happens to Yelp? – (their shares dropped after Facebook’s announcement)
  • What about privacy?
  • Will Facebook start charging to have a business page? (similar to Google now charging for email accounts)

Thus far, researchers and analysts aren’t too impressed with it. On the other hand, I think it’s Facebook’s first step at gaining the search market specifically from Google.

“Graph search is not Web search,” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and chief executive, said during the press conference.

In my opinion, all those in SEO should just sit back and watch this evolve into something a lot bigger than what people think right now. Coincidentally, a couple of people that worked for Google helped develop Facebook’s graph search – really? Right now, really the only thing you can search for amongst your friends is places, interests, people and photos.

I think Facebook sees this as just the first step in taking control away from the monopoly of Google, and Zuckerberg stated “This could potentially be a business over time.” I would not deny that Facebook has engineers already continuing their efforts to make this a HUGE business in probably the more near future.