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Google Wants to Find your Business

Businesses, no matter the size, have been looking for ways to get themselves on the map for decades. In keeping up with the latest news in the world of online marketing, SteerPoint has found that one of the world’s largest internet search engines, Google, has taken steps to help make that easier.

Last week, Google announced an upgrade to its Google+ interface for businesses. The new service, called Google My Business, is designed to streamline many of the website’s existing services for businesses – especially small, local companies – and make them much easier for business owners to manage.

In the announcement about the change, Google called it “a free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are.” Most of what Google has done already existed, but the new system is more streamlined.Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.16.11 PM

Getting started

The big, blue button on the Google My Business page will quickly direct a business owner or manager to the start-up page. This page will have options to search for businesses by address, or let those who have used previous Google services create a new page.

A new listing can be created if one does not exist for the address searched. If the business is located, then it must be claimed. After agreeing to Google’s terms, a verification notice will be sent to prove that the person setting up the page has the authority to do so.

Once this step is complete, the real fun begins. This is where the page for the business can be managed – photos added, information about the business updated, and events scheduled. The site will also make reading customer reviews very easy.

While the focus of the new system is local businesses, it also has options for large companies with local offices to set up pages. The brand management pages will be very similar to the local business pages, and the new system will simplify how they are run.

New Insights

One of the biggest additions is Google’s new Insights feature. This enhancement will provide businesses with more information about who is interacting with their sites. It is something Facebook has been providing through its pages for some time, and Google hopes this feature will either get businesses to come back to its services or try them for the first time.

As any business owner knows, the more information they can gain about their customers, the better prepared they are to meet and exceed their needs. This new feature from Google adds another option on that front.