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Google Updates

In an effort to create a better Internet search experience, Google has rolled out some updates specifically designed for improving web surfing and operations on mobile devices.  Google has announced these updates as part of the “Jelly Bean” I/O and is giving Apple search tools a run for their money.
The first of these updates is being termed “Google Now”.  The program delves into location, time of day, scheduling history, searches and many other factors to give the user the information they might be interested in without even inquiring.  For example, if entering an airport, Google Now would indicate flight arrival times to the mobile device without being prompted.  Known as “cards”, these automatic search results can be personalized, adjusted, and deleted on the mobile devices home screen to give the operator daily access to the information they need.
The second update is a voice search using a female Siri-like assistant to perform basic and advanced tasks. The computerized voice engine reads back search results to the user similar to the way Siri operates but in a faster, less-robotic manner. The voice is human-like and can perform basic or advanced searches, get sports updates, give the weather, automatically set an alarm, answer current-event questions and set reminders.
The “Jelly Bean” updates improve the overall experience while enhancing notifications, improving responsiveness, and taking personalization to the next level.  Several other aspects of the update include offline maps and GPS capabilities, a home screen update, decreased error messages, enhanced keyboard capabilities, improved audio performance, and a smoother operating system. The update will be available in mid-July for mobile devices including the Motorola Xoom, the Galaxy Nexus, and the Nexus S.