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Google Search Features Brand Social Media Buttons

If you’re accustomed to looking primarily to the first couple of results on Google’s list, you may not have noticed the change to the “knowledge graph” on the right-hand side. Anytime you search for a company now, you’ll see their social media profiles displayed as buttons below the relevant company information. The snapshot of information is a quick and efficient way to access information about a company’s demographics and online presence.

Until recently, Google search only showed Google+ accounts in company searches. Now it is easier than ever to associate your company’s Google entry with your actively updated social media profiles. The internet giant is still working on the algorithms associated with the design, but it looks like it will be a positive and beneficial addition to search engine results.

Untitled design (2)If you want to add your social profile to Google results for your company, you can embed the structured data that Google requires into your official website, and test the results to make sure your social media profiles are displayed. Currently, Google supports profiles for the following: 

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

You should see the newly added information whether you’re using Google search on your desktop or a mobile device. Conveniently available social profiles will allow brands to become even more pervasive in their target markets.

Before, social searches meant going to a social media site and searching or finding an alternative route to a brand’s social media presence. Now brands won’t have to work as hard to make sure their social media posts get bumped up in search engine rankings. Users can directly access social media sites from a simple Google brand search.

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The combination of the internet staple Google search with social media profiles that are readily available and easily searchable will make it even easier for the market to access its favorite brands.

Which addition will Google make next? Google is constantly refining its processes to provide users with the best information in the shortest amount of time. With the rising use of mobile devices, you can expect to see mobile site user experiences as a factor in search engine ranking. More than half of mobile device users get online via a mobile device during the day. With better access to a streamlined user experience and brand social profiles appearing in Google search, 2015 will surely revolutionize the way companies approach branding online.