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Google Apps – No Longer Free

I’ve had some clients inquire – Google Apps for Businesses means that there is no longer a free apps offering for businesses. However, if you were already in before this announcement on Friday, December 7th you are fine, for right now at least. The only difference is that you will not be able to create new users like before. Expect Google to entice you to upgrade and pay for a plan although.

You can still have Google as your primary email. I would highly recommend this as a business owner.

So, what about the individuals whom just purchased their own domain? If you haven’t signed up with Google Apps for Business then you will have to pay. But, according to Google, if you are an existing user, you don’t have to pay.

If you need email, cloud storage (Google Drive), calendaring (Google Calendar) and other tools such as Google Docs, $50 per user per year right now for Google Apps isn’t a bad deal. Take advantage now because it may change in the future. If you aren’t willing to pay, searching for something other than Google is your best bet.

Google Apps is still free for educational institutions, but there is no free version anymore for individuals.