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Facebook Rolling Out Updated Notifications View

Today when you log on to Facebook via your smartphone, you may see your most recent interactions, tagged pictures, invites and a few other notifications when you navigate over to the “notifications” tab. The few relevant updates are about to encompass more relevant information in an easy viewing format.

Facebook has not stated when they will be launching their new improvements. When they do, users will enjoy an expanded and more intuitive way to access the information that is the most meaningful on a given day.

The previous version of the notifications tab was narrowed down roughly to action items. In the future, the seamless subsections will divide content from the entire social network into a digestible form.

Features of the New Tab

Before a global launch, the new notifications feature will be available to mobile users in the US. Among the changes, a “News Shared Locally” feature will be the new approach to see what is happening in your local area.

People who use Facebook will find the new updates easier to scan rather than the all-encompassing newsfeed, giving them access to relevant posts.FaceBook Logo

The mainstays of the new tab will include:

Events – Invites, acceptances, etc.
Nearby Places – Nearby restaurant recommendations for users who have their location services activated
Life Events – Recent interactions and published content from friends in your network
News Shared Locally – Popular local news stories
Trending Topics – The top topics that are already shown in the newsfeed’s “Trending Topics” box
Nearby Friends – Anyone who has opted in to this sharing feature
Today in the Past – Flashback posts chosen for their high level of interaction or activity in the past

Users may be able to personalize what appears in their notifications tab when the new rollout occurs, but these new sections will automatically appear in the update at first. If there is a section you want to read more about, you can easily expand any of the eight areas to see more posts.

Along with updates to the Facebook Messenger app that now allows users to call people in their network with the app, the updated notifications tab is another way Facebook is working to integrate into peoples’ lives. The average user spends around 21 minutes per day on Facebook. With around 890 million daily users, updates almost always stimulate global conversation and help determine where to drive future change.

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