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Designing Your Checkout Page to Increase Conversion Rates

When it comes to conversion rates online, one area where these rates often drop is on checkout pages. Checkout pages and lost customers can be a major pain for many companies, as shopping cart abandonment rates are higher than ever and amounting to billions of dollars in lost profits. However, by optimizing your checkout page, you can ensure that more customers follow through with their purchases.

Follow these tips to optimize your checkout page and increase conversion rates.


One aspect that customers want to see on the checkout page is security. Your security icons should be prominently displayed, showing customers that their sensitive personal information will remain secure. It can also help to have a “Secure Checkout” button rather than one that only says “Checkout.”


One main reason why customers often abandon their shopping carts is due to complex checkout pages. For simplicity’s sake, ensure that your checkout page is user-friendly and that instructions are clear and easy to follow. Furthermore, you should never force customers to create an account before making a purchase. Always provide a “guest” option for checking out, or add a social login option.


In line with simplicity, consumers prefer a checkout process that is limited to one page. If this is not an option, make up for multiple pages by employing a visual display of progress. This will show customers how many steps they need to go through and what those steps are, making the checkout process less overwhelming and easier to follow.


Another reason why many customers decide not to buy at the checkout stage is due to high shipping costs. In fact, 73% of customers state that free shipping is integral to their decision making process when making a purchase online. To increase conversion rates, offer shipping incentives such as  free shipping or deals on shipping with certain purchases.


Placing add-ons on your checkout page has also been shown to increase conversion rates as well. Suggest additional items that are related to your customers’ current choices as well as those that have been purchased by customers who have bought the same items in the past.


Another way to establish trust on your checkout page and increase rates of conversion is through testimonials. You can add positive testimonials from past customers to each individual product that the customer is purchasing. This will provide a continued incentive to purchase and ensure that the customer follows through with the checkout process.