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Choosing Colors & Fonts That Make Your Brand Stand Out

When it comes to branding, nothing is more important than the colors and fonts that you use on your website and in other promotional materials. Your brand’s signature colors and fonts are not only the building blocks of representation, but they are also the first thing that a prospective customer will notice and take in. Colors and fonts have a significant, subconscious impact on the way that customers interact with your brand, and your choices in this department can make or break your business.

Colors That Captivate

Did you know that the color of a product impacts 60-80% of a customer’s decision on whether or not to make a purchase? Color is the first thing that consumers notice when it comes to branding, meaning that choosing the right colors to fit with your industry, products, and company is imperative. The most popular colors amongst the top brands in the U.S. are blue, red, black or grayscale, and yellow or gold. 95% of these companies use one to two colors in their logo and other materials.

When it comes to individual colors, each connotes a different meaning to consumers:

  • Blue: Tells customers that you are trustworthy and secure.
  • Red: Grabs attention and indicates an aggressive, energetic business.
  • Black: Useful for expensive products and brands that are timeless and sophisticated.
  • Yellow: Shows that you are creative and adds a feeling of positivity and warmth.
  • Purple: Indicates sophistication yet adds a mysterious edge.
  • Green: Darker green indicates wealth, while lighter greens show serenity.
  • Orange: Connotes fun, exuberance, and vitality.
  • Brown: This earthy color can show simplicity and durability.
  • White: White indicates purity and cleanliness.

Fonts That Flatter

Never underestimate the power of a font, whether positive or negative. Fonts have a lot of personality, and it is critical that you choose one that matches the image of your brand. When choosing fonts, there are generally four categories that you need to fill. For your logo, you may have two or three different fonts. The main font should be unique rather than a default font. Your secondary font should also be visually interesting, as you will use it for headlines, graphics, etc.

Next is the tertiary font, which should be very legible and most likely a serif font. This will be used for mid-length text and long printed materials. Finally, your online font should be a sans serif font, as this is easier to read on a screen. The font on your website should always be one that the average user would have installed on his or her computer. While your brand may choose more than four fonts for various uses, you should never use more than three or four fonts on a single document because this creates a busy, unprofessional look.

A great example is our client at – it’s a beautiful website, and SteerPoint cannot be more pleased with the way it turned out (neither can the clients!).