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Call to Action Design

At SteerPoint Design, we often have potential clients request that we look at their established website before we meet with them for a consultation. There’s one key item that we are noticing is missing from websites: an effective call to action.

Each and every website should have a call to action, and some websites are still missing the mark on this simple solution to engage your user/customer.

A call to action, also referred to as a CTA, a very simple and basic marketing tool, is a banner, button, or graphic prominently displayed on a website meant to prompt a user to click on it, become a user and eventually a continued customer. One very popular CTA you are probably familiar with is a QR Code.

A call to action does not necessarily have to lead a customer to a purchase.  This click could lead to capturing customer information, filling out a contact us form or submitting information to receive a publication. Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any website.

The following is an example list of some of the key questions/concerns we discuss with our clients in speaking about a call to action:

  • Why click on the call to action?
  • Will the customer receive something upon clicking on a call to action?
  • Is there a specific focus on the call to action? Is your webpage too busy?
  • Is there too many choices a user has to make? Your website should be a guide for your customer/client.
  • Use attention-grabbing and vital language: Buy now! View a Demo! Subscribe to us! Make a  Donation! Receive a free gift!
  • Your call to action should be placed high on the page.
  • Is your call to action a vibrant color? What size is it?

These are some helpful hints, and if a call to action exists and is done correctly, it can spawn real quantifiable ROI.