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A Brief Update on Penguin Progress-What Does the Future Hold for Rankings?

Almost a year ago, Google implemented a new round of algorithm updates negatively impacting a large portion of their users. The update brought unwanted search engine demise that couldn’t be fixed by typical SEO practices for many businesses. Even with meticulously planned links and content, the normal fixes didn’t help these companies fight the slow-to-refresh Penguin 2.1.

Good News for the Weary!

There is no guarantee of precisely when Google plans to initiate a Penguin 3.0, but leaders in the industry believe the search engine giant will send out a refresh within the year. While this is excellent news for many, it still leaves a large unknown. People still can’t anticipate when they will recover their previously hard-earned search engine ranking.

Untitled design (67)Other Changes in Effect

Along with the Penguin update, Google has added additional algorithm changes, like the recent update the SEO community nicknamed Pigeon. This update added new search parameters like increased location awareness, which gave businesses a new challenge for keeping their SEO efforts relevant.

Testing in Progress

Although Google hasn’t made any official announcements, the chatter around the SEO community speculates about the testing Google is conducting to ensure the Penguin update is up-to-par with user expectations. After a grueling year of adjusting, people hope the refresh will solve the lingering problems from Penguin 2.1.

The Unfortunate Unknowns

In a recent Google Hangout session, John Mueller, a member of the company, addressed the rumors about Penguin 3.0 by saying, “I am pretty confident we will have something in the reasonable future.” This vague statement certainly doesn’t provide the clarity many Google users were looking for. Regardless, it’s clear Google is working to salvage their technology and right their mistakes.

Meanwhile, users should continue being proactive about the situation. To sustain a competitive reputation on search engines, companies should focus on defining their core principles, providing value, creating open communication, and maintaining quality over quantity. Regardless of rankings, your website should hold something of importance for all visitors. Your brand should be obvious, and your visual experience should lead people to proper action.

People want knowledge, not a transaction. Build your services into an experience that leads to a lasting relationship and loyal customers. This type of intentionality will set your business apart from other members of the industry. Refrain from preaching through your content and provide a space for safe communication, and make wise choices about the volume of material you publish. Instituting these simple practices will carry your business through any challenging SEO changes