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Are Search Engines Reading Your Website Now? You Bet!

We’ve all seen the Sci-Fi movies of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that featured not just robots, but interactive robots. Machines that were capable of affection, remorse or even . . . “evil.” You may have even given them a second thought when we got smart phones and smart TV’s. This previously fictional reality that we have seen assimilate, little by little, into our daily lives keeps making ground. That is, our ability to not just communicate with, but be interpersonal with technology.

This is why SEO professionals are changing with the times, to assimilate to this new technology and how we communicate with it. In cyberspace, this technology is Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The technology our customers use to find us.

With recent updates to the Google algorithms, you can no longer rely on the search engine to simply identify links and use that as a driver for Search Engine Optimization toward your website. Google is now reading your website content and making sure that it is delivering to its customers a credible and worthy result. (This is an algorithm change, not a massive expansion of their services to hire readers.)

What this means for you is CONTENT. What you need is content that is truly useful to your customers about your products and services. How does the content get noticed? KEYWORDS. That is how SEO is changing because the more content you have that utilizes these keywords in a responsible way, the higher you are going to get ranked.

This idea is actually an old one. Major search engines have always had the goal of utilizing and authenticating useful content on websites for their users. This is just technology finally catching up with the goal. Not to worry, a professional SEO company will still be able to optimize your website. SteerPoint can focus on different avenues that can help you achieve your goal.