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A Strong Keyword Is the KEY to Strong SEO

If you are looking to get your business found on the web, then you need to find strong keywords that match your products and services. But that is not the only thing that a major search engine looks for when they send web crawlers to your website for indexing.

Maintaining a blog with keywords is a great way to get noticed, but your blogs need to be relevant and original. Google has rolled out major algorithm changes lately, and they are not just going to stop at a keyword match. The content on your website needs to be original content that is completely relevant to the searched keyword term. In other words, they are looking for credibility. The more original your blog content is, the more credibility you earn, thus implying that you are a professional in your industry.

What you need is a professional internet marketing company that can research your business and how it relates to the web. You might know about your business, but do you know how your customers find you? You’re the expert, but your customers are not. If you produce adjustable ventilation tubes for home climate control systems, would you ever expect someone to type in “bendy metal pieces for my A/C” on a Google search? A professional marketing agency can find these things out for you and integrate these terms and phrases into original blog content, thus advancing your SEO efforts and drive more business to your website.

It’s 2013 and a strong keyword combined with original content are the KEYS to getting found and increasing your web business. Don’t be fooled into letting people think there is a magic button they can push that puts you at the top of the search results. There is no such thing. It takes real work and talent from an industry professional to get your website optimized for the best possible results on a search engine.