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9 Reasons WordPress Is Great for Business Websites

There are several methods and tools to create, host, and manage content on websites. WordPress is one of the best-known platforms, hosting upwards of 74 million business websites, blogs, and aggregator resources.


The reasons for its popularity are many, but WordPress is the preferred CMS for a few simple reasons:

  • It is powerful. The apps and tools available for WordPress are updated regularly, aimed at supporting functions in nearly every industry imaginable.
  • It is easy to use. Many SEO companies can easily teach their clients to perform simple updates on their own, cutting business expenses.
  • It is secure. Due to its wide reach, WordPress is the most secure CMS program available. WordPress issues security updates as often as 1-2 times a month, plugging data and security concerns before criminals can exploit weaknesses. It also provides regular updates to customers, transparently informing users regarding its approach to security.
  • WordPress is free. Why pay for an inferior CMS with less support when you can use the best without paying a dime?

Additional Benefits

The above benefits are broad, but WordPress also comes with a host of features anyone from a freelance blogger to a big business entrepreneur will appreciate, including tools for exposure, versatility, and more. These include:

  • Customization. Unlike website templates provided by host companies like GoDaddy, WordPress provides thousands of themes, templates, backgrounds, plugins, apps, and more developed in-house and by users. Companies can use these tools to create a powerful site that remains faithful to their brands, logos, and messages.
  • Easy SEO. Search engines are like internet gateways. Unless you have a site memorized or bookmarked, most people use Yahoo, Google, and Metacrawler to find the content they need. Google is particularly important, directing more than 40% of all web traffic. This is important because WordPress is optimized for search engines. Keywords and SEO are scanned without effort through this CMS’s pages. Many SEO companies will tell you companies that move their websites from an old CMS to WordPress typically see a traffic surge.
  • Great integration. Email campaigns, internet advertising, paid services – all of these are easily managed through advanced applications like MailChimp, Aweber, and other popular gateways. WordPress also provides analytical tools to monitor digital marketing campaigns and track the ROI of each effort.
  • Multiple finance plugins. Most e-Commerce stores support WordPress because of its popularity. This means businesses used to using certain software can move their stores from old sites to new without this particular growing pain.
  • Role assignments. Most mid- to large-size companies have a team to work on their web efforts. Luckily, WordPress allows you to create multiple employee logins with varying levels of web access, from the highest administrators down to contractors and content contributors. These plugins are very popular with article sites.

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