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5 Content Marketing Trends for 2014

With the new year upon us once again, it is time to take a look at where the content marketing industry has landed, and where things are heading for 2014. 2013 saw a lot of big changes, including the Google Hummingbird update and a large upswing in mobile browsing. With the internet in constant flux, now is as good a time as any to try to pin down some trends likely to be with us as 2014 gets going.

1. Social Media

The social media landscape has shifted subtly, with trends favoring short bursts of video and photos that disappear in seconds. But that doesn’t mean the old stalwarts Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are already fading; in fact they are holding strong, and Google+ is racing to catch up, as well. These sites are going to continue to dominate the landscape in 2014, but companies that seek to diversify and take advantage of the newer networks are in danger of losing ground to those who spread a wider net.

2. Mobile

Mobile marketing has never been more important, with more and more users browsing on mobile, and with many browsing almost exclusively on mobile. Some are predicting that mobile usage will make a dinosaur of the venerable desktop by the end of the year. The prodigious rise of mobile means more and more of your marketing approach needs to take device usage into account. Whether through responsive design, app design, or SMS messaging campaigns, mobile marketing should be high on your priorities list.

3. Native Ads

Social media users are accessing their favorite networks via mobile – and it’s been shown time and again that native ads are the future of mobile social network marketing. Users find them less obtrusive and are more likely to click than traditional banner ads. Look for the use of native ads to become more and more prominent this year.

4. Think Small

As said, the internet seems to be getting smaller, at least in terms of the size of the data we are sending each other. Between Snapchat’s 10-second photos, Vine’s 6-second videos, and Twitter’s 140 characters, we are becoming a small world after all. Perhaps it’s because we hold all the world’s information in the palms of our hands.

5. Dynamic Content

The most important factor for your marketing strategy remains the same: high quality, dynamic content featuring relevant, useful information available for those who need it. More than ever, you will need content that can stand out from the crowd.