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3 Ways to Prepare Your Website for Black Friday

Whether you’re selling a product online or driving traffic to your brick and mortar store, it’s essential to prepare your business website for Black Friday. Why, you ask? For starters, your holiday marketing efforts will provide a larger return. In 2013, Black Friday sales neared $2 billion, and prepared brands reaped the most sales. Discover why you need to prepare your website and how to do it by reviewing the following tips.


Optimize Site Speed

Web traffic increases significantly in the days surrounding Black Friday, up to and including the recently created, web-only shopping bonanza that is Cyber Monday. Holiday shopping habits suggest more consumers are opting out of long lines and races to the checkout counter by shopping online instead. However, consumers met with a slow loading website are likely to leave before they have an opportunity to buy. Try using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or caching to boost load speed. Additionally, update outdated plugins and eliminate unnecessary tools, which can both impact site speed.

Review Shipping Policies

Selling products online requires ongoing maintenance, from keyword optimization to price adjustments. Unfortunately, the last item to get reviewed (but one of the first to get noticed by customers) is shipping cost. If planning to compete with top brands for the much-anticipated Black Friday sale, make sure your shipping policy is attractive and detailed, as customers want to know when to expect their items. Not selling a product? Ditch the shipping policy review and evaluate your holiday marketing campaign. Are offers highlighted on your website? Are landing pages optimized with clear calls-to-action? Make sure before the big day comes.

Don’t Neglect Abandoned Shopping Carts

Most shoppers are confronted with indecision on Black Friday, as the competition between brands heats up and costs of goods and services temporarily plummet. Even if customers abandon their shopping cart, you haven’t lost them entirely, provided you were prepared. Research indicates up to 40% of customers who abandon a shopping cart don’t have an intention to make a purchase, but 100% of those did show a genuine interest in your brand. The addition of exit-intent technology or checkout recovery tools can greatly enhance the possibility of grabbing a post-Black Friday conversion.

The Takeaway

Preparing your website for Black Friday is the key to landing more sales while improving your customers’ experience. Increase the probability a customer will purchase a product, further engage with your brand, or return in the future by adequately preparing your website for the post-holiday shopping rush.

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