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2013 is your Site ready?

It’s almost the end of 2012, so you should already be thinking about your website or maybe even a re-design for 2013, right? So, what are some key ideas you need to be thinking of to go through this process the RIGHT way? We often go through this with our clients at SteerPoint Design.

First, let’s think back to some very basic marketing 101 – as a business, knowing your target audience/customer is step one, right? So, when thinking about your website, a business must know what their customer needs to search for online to be found.  Does your target market know you even exist? See the connections? – know your customer and the correct search terms.

Next, many clients meet with their SEO consultant AFTER the website is built and has gone live. Wrong. You need to be thinking of SEO at the same time your website is in the design process, just like thinking of your customers before you actually begin marketing.  Know your customer first, then proceed with SEO and your web design.

So, why do you need SEO? The placement of your website on search engines controls how simply your customers can find you, with the keyword here being simply.

Your company website design should set you apart from the competition and position your company as a leader in your specific industry, while it should clearly communicate the objectives and speak directly to your current and future customers.