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Search Engine Optimization

We are a national SEO firm located in Indianapolis focusing on "White Hat" SEO services to the local business market. We specialize in improving the visibility and market position of clients over the internet by using organic SEO strategies.

Social Campaign Planning

Being Social is a Must! We can create a custom social media package based on your specific type of business and what would work best for you and your customers, therefore, actively participating in conversations on the web.

Web Design and Development

We deliver custom responsive website design, development & marketing services to businesses nationwide. Weather you are looking for WordPress or a 50,000 page e-commerce site we have the experience and skills that have you covered

PPC Management

adwords-certified-steerpointOur Paid Per Click team can manage the entire paid search process, beginning with selecting the right keywords and ads for your business and your target audience and day-to-day process of bidding.

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What makes us different
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There are numerous competent web design firms and Internet marketing companies available for hire.  We believe many of them lack the talent of integrating all the core competencies that are crucial for ongoing success on the web.

  • Some are creative.  However, creativity without a business goal is just art.
  • Some are great coders.  But, functionality without appeal that captures attention and imagination engages no one.
  • Some are new to SEO / Internet Marketing. Steerpoint Marketing separates itself from the competition by offering SEO services for any website regardless of the technology. We have successfully used our SEO skills, experience and techniques on local and national sites using PHP, ASP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MYSQL and numerous other functions.
  • Very few are Marketers.  They fail to integrate the attraction of unique design with the smooth architecture of logical website flow; they rarely understand how BOTH combine to create sites that compel consumers to ACT – and, they fail to identify and organize websites in such a way to aid in them being actually found.

SteerPoint Marketing combines these core competencies to create websites that search engines can find, identify and index for relevant search results.

We build attractive, highly functioning sites – sites that get found.

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Recent Blog Posts


Pro Tech Indy to Join Steerpoint Marketing

Steerpoint Marketing is proud to announce its merger with Pro Tech Indy LLC, a web development and marketing company based in Indianapolis. Since its inception in 2014, Pro Tech Indy has focused on the design and development of mobile-friendly websites and apps for clients. The company also managed social media platforms, created web content, and practiced next-level SEO techniques to help increase online engagement.


Snapchat’s Ad Platform: Should Your Business Buy In?

Earlier this month, Snapchat rolled out Snap Ads, which are videos from businesses that will appear between the Stories and Discover functions on the app. These new features will make it easier for advertisers to get in front of users and make conversions (sales, downloads, sign-ups) within the app.


Why Focus on Mobile Local SEO in 2017

If you're a regular Steerpoint blog reader, you'll recall that we have preached over and over and over and over about the seemingly perpetual increase in the reliance on mobile devices among users. 2017 will most certainly continue to push the limits of how people use their mobile device. So how do you ensure your business is capturing as many local search customers as possible through mobile marketing?


The Future of Budgeting for Digital Marketing

Much speculation has taken place regarding how much a business should spend on digital marketing. Whether this is a dollar amount or a percentage, the expectations for what a company must pay to make an effective campaign possible has changed. And not being able to accept change could leave your business behind the eight ball as the future shakes out. SteerPoint Marketing works with companies of different sizes daily on maximizing their reach online. Here's our forecast for the future of digital marketing costs.


Web Design Trends in 2017

In planning your website renovation for 2017, it's imperative to 'keep up with the Joneses' when it comes to layout and design. We at SteerPoint Marketing have kept a close eye out on many industry trends from the past few months and felt it would be wise to impart what we learned to our audience.


What Will Be Different in 2017 for Social Media

Being in the digital marketing business for over 13 years, the only thing we know for certain is that everything will eventually change. This inevitability has become especially true for social media platforms. As humans trend towards relying on platforms like Facebook and Twitter as much as we do Oxygen, Food, and Water, social media outlets will continue to work as hard as possible to win the game eyeballs and impressions.


Is Content Still King for SEO?

One thing we've learned in our 12-plus years of practicing SEO is that there isn't a universal agreement as to what the most important piece of the formula is for search engine success.


Dos and Don’ts: What You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Content marketing is a hot term that’s not quite as fancy as it sounds, but it’s a great tool for companies looking to expand their reach. It’s a powerful tool because it performs two actions – it makes your company seem more reliable and inviting to potential customers, and it helps your website climb the ranks in search engine results.

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